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Corporate Banking

Our network of relationships with numerous financial institutions worldwide means that we are able to open accounts and to establish links with the most appropriate banking and investment provider according to the diverse needs of each client, be it a company or a trust.

These well-established relationships often enable us to negotiate advantageous terms and conditions, including better foreign exchange deals and reduced bank charges.

The Banking Team work closely with the company administrators within Line Group and with Line Trust Corporation Limited as trustees. Where one of our licenced in-house companies is appointed as director to a company and that company requires banking facilities, we would arrange the opening of the account and subsequent processing of relevant financial transactions.  In order to comply with Financial Regulations, and specifically to fulfil the director’s obligations, the management and control of these accounts will lie with the directors of the company.

Similarly, when the trustees identify that a bank account or investment is required for a trust we can be instrumental in establishing the appropriate relationships and processing subsequent transactions.

We can also help clients to establish banking relationships where we are not acting as a director by completing and providing all the necessary for a Bank Account Application.

The following services can be provided:

  • In house Signatory panels to all accounts we have been appointed as directors
  • Electronic and manual payments, including:
    – Standing orders and direct debits
    – Spot and forward FX transactions
  • Day-to-day liaison with banks, enabling:
    – Provision of statements and balances
    – Monthly or weekly reports to suit each client
    – Management of deposits

We are here to help and make your banking relationship work for you.

Corporate Banking Team

Giselle Martinez

Head of Corporate Banking

Kristel Bossano

Banking Operative

Melanie Revagliatte

Banking Operative

Tanya Santos

Banking Operative

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