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The relationship with our long-standing clients has developed over decades and under very different tax and regulatory regimes.

There is no question that today legislative requirements are significantly more challenging than in the past, particularly with developments following the 2008 global financial crisis which have reset the bar in many dimensions. Adhering to these high standards has served our clients well and our trusts and companies under management have needed little modification. Our partnering philosophy has been not to profit from the additional work required of us to comply with new legislation, such as CRS, but rather to share this challenge with our clients. We also need to work harder at preserving and creating wealth at a time of very low interest rates and generally more uncertain market conditions. Since 2008 many investors have been ill-served by the established financial services industry. As trustees and directors we pride ourselves on our track record and we can say hand on heart that our clients have weathered the storm well.

Our track record has contributed to our great trust-based relationship with our clients. The new regulatory and market challenges provide an opportunity for us to redefine the way we serve our clients and shape our future business. In addition, Gibraltar is creating many new opportunities in emerging technologies and other sectors. We have established a one-stop shop that can support you in all administrative aspects of establishing your presence: foundations, companies, accounting and banking. We take the pain out of this for you so you can focus on your core business.

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